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In A Nutshell: I'm twenty-something, a student of history, comparative religion, and various languages, and an erstwhile writer. In this journal I have fandom discussions, talk about writing, some snippets of real life, and so forth. On the 'net, my friends call me Pan. :)

Fandom and Fannish Things: Yes, Virgina, I like to read read and write fanfiction (and original fiction, but you won't find that here). My preferred fandoms are Harry Potter, X-Men movieverse, and as of summer 2006, I've also fallen for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fiction is archived at my writing journal, pandaimonia and a fairly comprehensive list can be found here. Occasional dabbling in Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings also occur.

When it comes to shipping and characters, I'm a both/and girl through and through. I like het and slash, but bitextuality is even better. More so than ships, I'm a character driven person: Hermione, Snape, Remus, Luna, Willow, Tara...

I generally friend back, though it's getting to the point where I don't feel I can keep adding new people indefinitely. Still, I'm always flattered to be friended and you don't need to ask me. ;)

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"YOU'RE AMAZING!!! I LOVE YOU!!!" - xlupinxloverx
"You make Aragorn/Legolas feel canon" - nassima
"You have the most amusing capability to find interesting memes. :-D" - dancing_salome
My Elf is someone I am glad to have a on my flist. A joy to read, a beautiful soul, a wonderful writer:) - schmoo999

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